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Usage of LUNESTA

LUNESTA is a registered trademark of lunesta Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc .
Reference ID: 3506700 MEDICATION GUIDE LUNESTA® (lū'-nes''-tă) Tablets, Coated C-IV Read the Medication Guide that comes with LUNESTA before you start taking it and each time you lunesta get a refill .
lunesta patient information lunesta klonopin eszopiclone renal failure lunesta urine drug screen There may be new information .
This Medication Guide does not take the place of talking to your doctor about your medical lunesta condition or treatment .
What is the most important eszopiclone approval history lunesta generic picture lunesta generic form lunesta cancer eszopiclone information I should know about LUNESTA? • Do not take more LUNESTA than prescribed .
• lunesta Do not take LUNESTA unless you are able to stay in bed a full night (7 to 8 hours) before you must be active again .
• Take LUNESTA lunesta right before you get in bed, not sooner .
LUNESTA may cause lunesta generic vs ambien lunesta memory loss lunesta early pregnancy eszopiclone related compound a serious side effects that you may not know are happening to you .
These side effects include: sleepiness during the day not thinking lunesta toxicity lunesta reviews for insomnia lunesta keeps me awake generic lunesta problems side clearly act strangely, confused, or upset "sleep-walking" or doing other activities when you are asleep like: o driving a car Call your healthcare provider right away if you find out that you have done any of the above activities after taking LUNESTA .
The morning after you take LUNESTA your ability to lunesta benzo lunesta generic discount lone star qhs eszopiclone color lunesta buy lunesta blood drive safely and think clearly may Do not take LUNESTA if you: • drank alcohol that evening or before bed Reference ID: 3506700 • take other medicines that can make you sleepy .

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